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Prsten AGATA

158 €
The product is out of stock
  • Occasion: Celebration
  • Collection: AGATA
  • SKU: 12942.06.2.913.010.1
  • Cover: Rhodium plated
  • Pearl diameter: 18 mm
  • Pearl type: barokni
  • semi-precious gemastone: cirkon

Find out your ring size

If you don't know your ring size or you are unable to find it out with your local goldsmith, the easiest way to measure your size is to follow a few steps:
  1. Cut off a 1-2 cm wide paper tape and a length of about 15 cm and wrap it around the ring finger.
  2. Use the pen to mark the place where the ends of the tape join.
  3. Change the length of the highlighted part to mm (cm x 10).
  4. Divide the obtained volume by 3.14 and you will get a diameter.
  5. Compare the resulting diameter with the table bellow.
Size European size Diameter in mm
949∅ 15,50 mm
1151∅ 16,50 mm
1353∅ 16,85 mm
1555∅ 17,50 mm
1757∅ 18,10 mm
1959∅ 18,80 mm
2161∅ 19,40 mm
13-1553-55∅ 16,85-17,50 mm
17-1957-59∅ 18,10-18,80 mm

In case that the ring size doesn't fit you, we allow the replacement in 7 working days. In case we don't have the right size, customer has the right to a refund.