Majorica Jewelery

Majorica since 1890.

Art of Handmade Unique Organic Pearls

In 1890, on Mallorca island in Spain, Majorica discovered the way organic pearls were produced by human beings. The pearls, one by one, are manually made and selected by a process that mimics the process of cultivated pearls.

Pearl Majorica consists of a crystal opal core that has identical density and weight as well as cultivated pearls of the first class; it is wrapped with multiple layers of "pearl essence", extract obtained from organic substances from the Mediterranean Sea using unique and secretly preserved techniques. Its complex formula faithfully mimics the iridescence, beauty, resistance and perfection of the finest natural pearls.

After honing, pearl Majorica is treated with a special process to protect it from external influences such as perfumes and strokes, thus achieving an incomparable degree of quality and resistance. All pearls have a 10 year warranty. The jewelery is made of top quality 925 silver or stainless steel.

Classic pearl necklace and bracelet are manually tied with a double knot.

Majorica today

The Majorica headquarters, located in Paseo de Gracia Street in the very center of Barcelona, ​​coordinates brand activities all over the world. Majorica also has a US subsidiary, located at the famous 5th Avenue in New York.

The company employs 300 permanent employees, deployed by offices, manufacturing plants and their own sales outlets. At a factory in Manacor, on the island of Mallorca, jewelers in the workshops create creations designed in the design studio and from the logistics center jewelry is further distributed around the world.

Majorica has been combining top crafts and traditions for over 120 years, offering extravagant collections and new avant-garde designs four times a year. Every item belongs to one of five groups of occasions: Celebration, New Classic, Singular, Statement and Timeless. Brand offers a wide range of assortment with more than 450 items. The 10-year international warranty for all our pearls is a proof of the high quality standard our company is doing.

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Types of pearls

Natural pearls

As the name suggests, it's a phenomenon that is entirely a work of Nature. It occurs by accidentally entering a foreign body into the interior of the pearl shell. This irritating presence provokes the defensive mechanism of the shell which slowly covers that body whit its substance.

After many years, a pearl will be formed and will achieve a very high price if it achieves the perfect color, iridescence, shine, texture and shape.

When we cut a natural pearl and put it under a microscope, we would notice that the core of a foreign body is almost unimaginable and that it is a pearl substance that covers a body composed of layers starting from the center to the outer surface.

Natural pearls on the market today are very scarce and therefore priceless. This is why most of the so-called natural pearls we find in goldsmiths are actually cultivated pearls.

Cultivated pearls

Cultivated pearls are the result of Japanese experiments from the 19th century. Japanese Mikimoto 1913 perfected the technique of creating cultivated pearls.

It is about provoking the secretion of the pearl shell by artificially incorporating the core produced by a man. In the first decade of the 20th century, the core represented a 5% of pearl dimension, today it exceeds 90% of its diameter.

The pearl shell takes between one and a half to three years to produce quality pearls. Because of the growing demand, many growers drastically reduce the production time of pearls to a couple of months. The result is low price pearls and, of course, quality because of a much larger core diameter in proportion with the total pearl. Such pearls are prone to oxidation and surface defects.

What do shells say?

We do not know. Maybe we do not want to know. However, looking from the "ecological view" the shells certainly does not like harassment - putting in cages, washing their shells, moving to different waters. When the pearl is taken out of the shell, a third of the shells go back to the cultivation process, the others are injured and killed. Mariculture causes the destruction of natural habitats of pearl shells.

Organic Pearls: Only MAJORICA

Majorica pearls, as well as with pearl shells, are formed by processes and organic components that are found in nature but do not harm it. Using the latest technology and the jealously guarded procedure Majorica has achieved the "perfect pearl" by its color, iridescence, shine, texture and resistance. Research in labs for gemstones show the final results: pearls Majorica are identical with cultivated first class pearls.

Just perfection. Just Majorica pearls.

When created, Majorica pearls are subjected to rigorous phases of production. By a process similar to pearl shell, the opalescent crystalline core, by its properties similar to the alabaster, is covered layer by layer with pearl substance. This substance, obtained from seawater substances, gives its pearl exceptional glitter and magnificent iridescence. After application of each organic layer, the pearls are honed to remove any kind of imperfection. To successfully finalize the procedure the pearl needs to pass strict quality control that will confirm its persistence of color, gloss, iridescence and resistance to any external harm factors.

Synthetic Pearls

Core materials such as glass or plastic are often used to make cores, covering several layers of chemical substances (lacquers, etc.). They obviously lack iridescence and resistance, usually have drawbacks, they are prone to peeling, colors are not natural and their price is very low.

Pearls and Majorica jewelry care

Pearls Majorica need the same love and attention as with the natural pearls. The best recommendation for pearl jewelery is to put it the last one and take off the first one.

In order to keep your Majorica jewelry glossy and preserved, the following instructions must be observed:

- When cleaning, do not use hot water or appliances that release a hot steam
- when drying, wiping or polishing, use mild and clean fabric
- Do not expose jewelry to cleaning agents and other chemical substances
- If jewelery comes into contact with water, immediately wipe it
- after wearing, place jewelery in the original protective Majorica packaging

It is recommended that every EIGHT years you take necklaces and bracelets to an authorized dealer of Majorica to change the silver rim and threading to prevent pearls from touching, knocking or losing.
When not used, pearls need special care to preserve them. It is recommended to keep them in their boxes, separate from other jewelry or other metal items. For this purpose, MAJORICA jewelry has separate boxes for keeping it while traveling or moving.

With these simple instructions, we guarantee that the beauty of your jewelry MAJORICA will be eternal.